About Us

Zing Vibes was founded with a simple idea in mind: to bring durable, comfortable, affordable, and easy to use anywhere sport and yoga equipment. And since then, the company built a very wide base of clients and customers throughout the world.

With that in mind, we are a professional and transparent team, have personally created our collections of quality products for Women and Men, all ages. From our Yoga acupressure Mat to the Adjustable Smart Intelligent Back Posture Corrector Vibration, We want to bring a high quality of sports and recreations equipment that you can’t wait until you practice your daily workouts at home or anywhere.

The joy of movement, is that for everyone regardless if they have any type of injury, should be able to enjoy and practice their daily yoga or workout with 100% of comfort stress-free. We want you to shop at Zing Vibes knowing that you will find the right equipment that makes you feel great.

Elevate, The Clever Way.

 - Yazan Khirfan from Zing Vibes